Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction based on Nanoparticles

Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University State have recently come up with a new study according to which, the nanoparticles that encapsulate nitric oxide forms a new drug delivery systems that promises treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Some animals have already been tested with this new system and it is believed that the treatment can reduce the downside of the oral ED medications for the humans.

Oral ED medications including tadalafil (Cialis) and sildenafil (Viagra) have benefitted people worldwide. However, there are certain limitations of these medications and can result in systemic side effects including facial flushing, headache, nasal congestion, or abnormal vision. These drugs are a strict no for men reporting a heart disease. Einstein scientists have devised a drug delivery system containing nanoparticles and each one smaller than a pollen grain and carrying various drugs; while also releasing them in a controlled manner. So far the effectiveness of the topical formulations of ED drugs has been proved.

This study attempts to check the effectiveness of the nano-particles in permitting the targeted delivery of compounds for treatment of ED. Topical therapy will work wonders for ED patients reporting lower levels of nitric oxide (NO) – molecule primarily responsible for erectile activity. A direct application of NO or the PDE5 inhibitors will be a relief for men for whom oral PDE5 inhibitor drugs are not beneficial. A total of 18 rats, arranged in 3 groups, were used to test the effectiveness of nano-particles.

The first group received nanoparticles encapsulating (NO) second received same along with an experimental ED drug – sialorphin; and third group nano-particles encapsulating (NO) and tadalafil (Cialis). Only the groups that were administered with nanoparticles encapsulated NO or No and Cialis showed improvement. This study revealed that the rats showed response to treatment with the nanoparticles. Also, the response time was just a few minutes as compared to the oral ED medications that take 30 minutes to one hour for showing effectiveness. Now the Einstein team plans to study the effects of nanoparticles on humans and prove its effectiveness for treating ED.

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